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Amazing Night Drone Footage from China - Shenzhen - Futian District

It's impossible to get footage like this now, or, at least very difficult. Since being filmed in 2019 the city of Shenzhen, China has made geofences for drones and added a 120 meter altitude limit.

This footage was filmed by a professional drone pilot (one of the best in the world) and given to Sky Gidge as a gift for showing him around the city. Sky finally color corrected it and uploaded it and he would be happy to sell the clips.

These buildings are in Shenzhen's central business district. The second building featured is the Ping'an Financial Center, the fourth tallest in the world.

You can contact Sky at Instagram: skythomasgidge to discuss PayPal purchase.

All footage is 4K and can be deliver in D-log or color corrected (as you see here).

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