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A Young Polish man lives slowly in the fast pace of Shenzhen 一位波兰小伙儿在快节奏的深圳慢慢活

Bio: My name is Piotr. I'm from Poland. I've been living in China for 7 years. I focus on sharing some of the social issues that Chinese people and foreigners living in China are very concerned about. Bio: 我叫 Piotr,来自波兰,我在中国生活了 7 年了。我专注分享有关中国人以及居住在中国的外国人密切关注的一些社会问题。

During this time, I have experienced many interesting and special stories, and I hope to share with you what I have seen, heard, felt and thought during these seven years and what is happening now. 在这段时间,我经历了许许多多有趣特别的故事,在这里我希望与你们一起分享这七年以及正在发生的所见所闻所感所想。

At the age of 21, I stepped into China with curiosity and unknown. 21岁带着好奇与未知踏上中国时光匆匆,Seven years of time is fleeting, drifting from north to south, from unable to understand to fluent in Mandarin, 7年的光阴转瞬即逝,从北漂到南漂,从听不懂中文流利的普通话, from silence to enthusiasm. 从沉默内向到热情奔放,

from never used to it, to liking it. 从不习惯到喜欢

Want to know what made him change so much? 想了解究竟是什么让他发生了如此多的改变?

What made him adapt to the speed of Shenzhen, China? 究竟是什么让他慢慢适应了中国深圳速度?

He and the young people in Shenzhen have what kind of growth confusion and unease? 他和深圳的年轻人一样拥有怎样的成长困惑与不安?

Under the smirking appearance嘻嘻哈哈的外表下 Is hiding a pair of sensitive and good at spotting eyes 隐藏着一双敏感善于发现的眼睛

A wandering heart will take you to appreciate the most real scenery in Shenzhen, China, as well as the confusion and hesitation in the heart of the young people and the warm blood of hope... 一颗漂泊流浪的心带你领略中国深圳最真实的风景以及年轻人内心深处的迷茫彷徨与热血希望。。。

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