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A view from the top - what success looks like.

Working smarter, not harder with China.

A view of the Pinnacle of Business at 30,000 feet on a flight back from China.

New Zealand exporter Gabi Michael from Gladfield Malt overachieved distribution volumes in China. Gabi initially came to RCN having failed to realise her China market goals, facing seemingly insurmountable challenges.

The foremost of these was to find a distributor that could position Gladfield to become a leader in the China market.

Preparation is nine tenths of success.

Gladfield Malt's Digital Pathway to China involved two things.

1. The best possible distribution (logistics and marketing) partner.

2. The business process optimisation required to support finding, keeping and growing that partner.

RCN deployed China technology apps, training Gabi to become fluent in the use of China commerce tools:

- WeChat (Personal) for Business,

- WeChat Official Account and

- MikeCRM.

We then optimised the technology and digital content to provide marketing air support for on the ground distribution channel partner success.

We'll share a case study about that later, but for now, lets see what it looks like to have the last laugh at the Pinnacle of Business. #business #optimisation #wechat #newzealand #china #digital #marketing

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