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2020 | Connecting Opportunity

Below is a message that I sent this morning to my team of China Business Advisors, encouraging them to use MICROSOFT TO DO, integrated now with MICROSOFT PLANNER and OFFICE365-PREMIUM to optimise how we connect opportunity.


Please read this valuable productivity message

when you are ready to start planning for 2020. 

2020 isn't just the start of a New Year. 

We are entering a new decade. 

A decade in which human potential optimization

will become the key focus of workflow productivity. 

But technology does something more than 

improve efficiency and profitability. 


I am deeply empathetic to how disconnected the world is across cultures and the cultural divide of nationalism and racism. It is my vision to show emotionally intelligent people how to use technology as a bridge between cultures, to empower both sides to achieve their self-interest, through mutual collaboration.

Human beings can not help being self-interested, and that's OK, we all need to make sure that we are OK. Yet an ascendant humanity looks beyond self to supporting others to also be OK. This is the space that Red Circle Network occupies. To connect those who want help, with those who can help.

And so it is, that RCN will become like the UBER of China Business Services. Competing with no one, Connecting those who want to collaborate, uniting mutual interest through business process optimisation. 

What people trust, is experience. 

If they see you BEING and DOING

They will emulate your example. 


TO DO WELL in 2020:


They say that preparation is nine tenths of success. 

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. 

So we use Microsoft Planner. 

And now... TO DO.


New Years planning is a great time to set up planning for the kind of 2020 that you want TO DO. No one has to be a victim of missed opportunity to prosper, not in the RCN community. 


I want to see all the people in our network prosper and TO DO well. 

So we are going to encourage all RCN mentors and clients to 

adopt technology improvements that help us TO DO better. 


For me this involves being able TO DO to the tasks that matter to success. 

But just like everyone else, I've been frustrated by Microsoft lack

of Planner integration with the Desktop for productivity. 

I'm grateful that in 2020, finally!!!! Microsoft has seen the light and brought TO DOs and TASK MANAGEMENT from PLANNER, straight to the desktop through the newly upgraded Microsoft TO DO app.

I'm confident you'll love TO DO well.

Microsoft Office365 Planner Task management was previously difficult to access from desktop. The more clients we have, the more confusing it becomes to manage tasks. And so it seems impossible to scale up growth. Microsoft To Do changes this for all our clients.

MICROSOFT TO DO has had major updates that now bring all your Office365 Planner tasks and Microsoft Personal and Multiple Office365 login tasks for different emails that you may have, right onto the desktop. out of sight - out of mind. in sight - focused mind.

If you install MICROSOFT TO DO from your Microsoft Windows Store,

then you can easily have all your tasks across all Microsoft personal

and professional logins, sitting right on your desktop. 

I highly recommend setting this up, because then you can be ON TASK

and killing it in terms of getting across assigned tasks that

support the team to build the dream. 

I'm sending prosperous thoughts. 

Blessings, Glyn 

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