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Update / Elections 2017

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Greetings, this is Simon Young.


Our team has grown in 2017 and I've embraced a new role as Creative Director, publishing infotainment and edutainment material into our KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and other influencer and partner channels on WeChat, Weibo and across Chinese Social media.

I changed our name from syENGAGE to RED CIRCLE NETWORK to reflect the nature of my passion for cross-cultural communication, bridging the divide between Western and Chinese cultures.

Connecting Chinese consumers to the values represented within New Zealand's premium brands and sparking conversations about what makes New Zealand unique in the world.

Red Circle Network is focusing on informational and influential projects that matter to the Chinese community, both into the East (Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore) and into the West (New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, USA, UK and Canada) . We are working with carefully selected Western brands and Chinese partners who genuinely care about a value added long-term relationship with the Chinese community, both in their local markets, and in Mainland China.

We have developed a pilot programme to innovate the best practice use of technology to create and manage campaigns into Chinese Social Media. Providing businesses that have Digital and Social Media Staff with a Certificate in Chinese Social Media Management with the Kawo platform.

We have also developed the China Business Ready Program to assist Western businesses to crawl, walk and then run up their scale of commerce across borders to Chinese consumers everywhere.


Today I'm excited to introduce a campaign we've been working on with the NZ Electoral Commission.

There's a growing number of Chinese New Zealanders, but when it comes to Elections, Chinese participation has been low.

The Electoral Commission, together with Starcom and Saatchi & Saatchi, want to change this. After putting a tender out to all participants in Chinese social media, RCN and our Red Hat Talks format was chosen to share the HOW of voting, and more importantly the WHY.

As with everything we do , we started with WHO we were talking to. The insights we have gleaned from our years in this space, and the humility to know that we don't know it all, led us to co-create content with the local Chinese community.

This is the first of many Red Hat Talks.

For this campaign, we made a special, one-off adjustment, and that is ORANGE HAT TALKS, to match the Electoral Commission's politically neutral - but eye-catching - brand positioning.

This content is being broadcast into our 杨谨鸿 official WeChat account (or as we refer to in English, Simon KOL) for you to read, watch and share to empower the Chinese community to have a say about the future of NZ.

Syndicating through networks, you are welcome to share the links with any Chinese connections you have.


Because Saatchi and Saatchi, Starcom and NZ Electoral Commission approached all of the Chinese influencers and chose Red Circle Network for our idea to go to the Chinese community to discover what it means for Chinese people living in New Zealand to be a New Zealander.

This is important because, this is not me or any white Kiwi telling Chinese Kiwis how to be a New Zealander, this is Chinese people living in Auckland, sharing their own perspective.

In fact, this content is not only vitally important for our Chinese New Zealand community, but also for every New Zealander to understand the lived experience of our Chinese community. That's why we've made our content bilingual and accessible. We all need to hear what's important to Chinese people in New Zealand.

Support the voices of NZ Chinese people to be heard? Share this content.



It's best shared on WeChat, and if you don't have WeChat yet, get in touch with us!

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