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一字识天下:How China Succeeded in COVID19 and Gained 2021Q1 GDP Growth at 18.3%?

The answer is simple: 正直- being righteous. They all know this word 正. It means upright straight, correct, right, and justice.

Over thousands of years, generation by generation, Chinese are acting on this world 正 which carries huge wisdom through 4 hiding simple Chinese words in it:

下 - Low; down; withdraw; retreat. When #COVID19 first attacked them, they all stayed low at home, retreat from works to contain the virus, together. Naturally, they take it as everyone’s responsibility.

止 - Pause; hold back; disciplined; restricted; boundaries. When they knew they must hold back, they stay home strictly. They are all highly disciplined in quarantine, together.

工:Work; trade; serve; skill; profession. When the pandemic attacked them, they all worked hard in contributing their energy, skills, professional supports, and their pure hearts with big #love. They built Mobile Cabin Hospital in WuHan within 6 days, under the greatest pressure from all over the globe. But, they succeeded together.

上:Up; start; advance; develop. Now, they are all freely enjoying their #life, advancing up and developing forward.

And, they want and they are ABLE to help the world to be better now. They are #open and amazing!

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