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Western Business leads with trust in your brand. 
Eastern business leads with trust in YOU.

The goal of this service is to introduce
you as a trusted WeChat influencer.
Trust transfers through referral,
and makes business easier. 

People do business with people
that they know, love & trust. 

RCN ASIA is Chinese New Zealand's
most trusted Western voice. 

RCN was chosen by Saatchi and Saatchi to create and present a video series to invite Chinese New Zealand citizens to vote in the 2017 elections.
RCN's influencer Lo-Fi, personal campaign resulted
in substantially more Chinese Kiwis voting.

RCN will personally introduce you and your brand, encouraging Chinese consumers and China business connections to vote with WeChat Pay Wallets
Following a Creative Brief Meeting with RCN, we will create a short 2-3 minute video introduction, inviting followers on WeChat to TRUST you as a person, CONNECT with an ...
China Influencer Promotion
1 hr
WeChat Video Book Now

Consultancy Booking 
Creative Brief.
Production Plan. 
Call to action links. 
Video Production
2-3 minute Bi-lingual 
You own the content.

Video Promotion WeChat
RCN will share your video across WeChat personal
accounts and WeChat Official Account, reaching 

Chinese B2B and B2C connections
in the WeChat ecosystem.​

Use of Video
You own the content.
Use it anywhere you like. 
For the rest of your life. 
On your website. 
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