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Asian Century.


More than 50 million Chinese people live outside of Mainland China, which represents one of the largest export markets.

Approx. 1 million Chinese Australians live in Sydney. At least 100,000 Chinese Australian and New Zealand residents live in each of the main cities around Australasia, and we are seeing growing numbers of Asian residents in regions worldwide.

In terms of Media Buying, a single Australian WeChat Group Channel has over 800,000 followers.

A Weibo livestream media channel run out of Wellington, New Zealand has 100,000 dyed in the wool rugby followers. We used this to grow New Zealand Rugby (All Blacks) Chinese merchandising sales fan base. 

Regardless of the political mood, corporate, government, SME and NGO clients need the support of an agency to form an effective and sustainable communications and market engagement strategy to engage Asian audiences. 

If your agency doesn't,
your competitor will.

Our recommendation is to book our hands-on WeChat for Business workshop to more effectively pre-immerse your team in the Asian content and media environment.

We will bring your key people up to date, giving your agency a competitive advantage in developing your organisational capability to engage Asian audiences, locally and overseas.

Each personnel member will receive certification and, given RCN Asia's track record, that certification will become a meaningful qualification to value for diversity and inclusion. 

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