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The people who help people

engage asia.

RCN Asia

RCN Asia is a media, marketing, business advisory, technology implementation and capability building company. We serve clients across all industries and around the world. 


RCN Asia is a media company providing cross-cultural content in order to build a bridge to cross-cultural value exchange. 

Our OTT video channel draws content from YouTube and Vimeo into the West. The Asia Engage mobile app (launching in March) is also available in China. 

Founder Glyn MacLean was a general manager for media, implementing advertising and marketing strategies to pay for commercial licensing of mainstream content.


Glyn was also Director of Operations for Hollywood Creative Academy working with Hollywood's leading creative producers, including prolific TV producer, author, and editor for Orson Welles, Steve Ecclesine. 

On contract with Oikos Media. Digital content is provided by Glyn's company Oikos Media. 

RCN Asia should be considered to be a media channel. 

Marketing & Business Strategy Consulting Agency

Head of Advisory for Attache software working with business advisors across Australasia.


Project management company that provides a wide variety of services through contract providers, which gives us the ability to scale to any size project. We have no trouble working on complex, enterprise-level projects for major corporations, due to our business model of operating like a law firm or management consultancy in terms of working with licensed partners who are part of the firm. 

Organisational Capability Building 

Red Circle Network Limited is a New Zealand-based for-profit business entity, with NZBN: 9429046397508, trading as (acronym) RCN Asia and Asia Engage app. 

Asia Engage

When people around the world seek products from Asia, they turn to Alibaba. When they seek trusted advisors on Asia, they turn to Asia Engage. 


Asia Engage is a database and marketplace of high-quality vetted advisors, who provide our members with content and insights on greater Asia, with a particular focus on China. 

OTT video channel - drawn from YouTube and Vimeo into the West

App that works behind China firewall through VPN. 

While Alibaba is famous for connecting buyers and sellers of goods, no such platform existed for suppliers and searchers of professional services relating to Asia - until Asia Engage.

Asia Engage is a services database of hand-vetted advisors on Asia from around the world, available via web browser and mobile app. 




Red (红) is a powerful colour in Asian culture, which signifies the blood that flows in every person's veins, and represents our united humanity. 

Circle () connotes egalitarianism (the Western paradigm would be the Knights of the Round Table). Everyone has something to contribute, from their diverse points of view. 

Network ( implies interconnectedness, the strength of a wide network, and the beyond borders when we use the internet to cooperate.

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a network to achieve value, doing business in Asia. 

RCN Asia is founded by sole owner Glyn MacLean, with the support of a community of 250 + Asia Advisors, contractors and personnel worldwide.

Preparing organisations 

and people to Engage Asia.


More than 50 million Chinese people live outside of Mainland China, which represents one of the largest export markets.


Regardless of the political mood, corporate, government, SME and NGO clients need support to form effective and sustainable strategies to engage Asian audiences. That's where RCN Asia helps, in the areas of media, marketing, business advisory, technology implementation and capability building.


Simply put, the mission of RCN Asia is to prepare organisations worldwide to engage Asia. We build organisational capability by offering training with all of our creative and technology services. 

Browse our services below, or contact us to talk about your needs.

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Show respect and empathy by adopting your personalised Chinese name. Our team uses your personal and family background to create a meaningful name that will create a great first impression.

Learn how to use China's number 1 social networking app to build and develop business relationships. Become certified in WeChat for Business. 

WeChat Groups for Business Development.png

Facilitate important conversations with your Chinese audience, in the medium (WeChat) that they know best. More effective than email or other (Western) social network platforms.

WeChat Official Account.png

Verify your business identity to your Asian audience and communicate directly with your customers. Includes basic CRM (customer relationship management) functions.


Repurpose social media content from Western channels into Chinese channels (WeChat, Weibo and Douyin). Collaboration tools for the whole team.

RCN Payments.png

Receive payments into your New Zealand, Australia or USA bank account from Chinese digital wallets. 


Provide real-time customer service via your WeChat Official Account, using an English-language backend. 

Web Commerce.png

Sell to Chinese consumers via your WordPress website, tailored to the China market.


Collect customer details, conduct surveys and more, with this mobile-friendly form solution that integrates with WeChat.

WeChat Video Promotion.png

Drive awareness of your product or service via WeChat. Partner with a known and trusted WeChat influencer.


Project manage translation of your app or website by multiple volunteer translators. 

RCN Mall.png

Sell your products and services cross-border via WeChat.


Sell to Chinese consumers through one of the leading B2C ecommerce platforms.

Asia Business Ready for Digital Pathway.png

Reach the pinnacle of business with Asia by building your organisational capability through the 18-month Asia Business Ready program. Certification available.

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Asia Engage is a platform connecting the People who help People Engage Asia. 

Using the platform, the best Asia Advisors from around the world share their insights in our members-only community. Organisations and individuals wishing to learn more about Asian culture and commerce can access, interact with, and engage advisors through the mobile app.

For a limited time, Asia Engage membership is complimentary. 

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